What’s on Museums Sydney

Tucked away in Darlinghurst and 5 minutes from Sydney CBD Discover what’s on at Australia’s only museum of magic.(Australian Museum of Magical Arts). Created by acclaimed Australian magician James Karp, this museums programs are all packed with wonder, creativity and learning. An ideal cultural experience for anyone. 

Days: Museum Guided Tour by a magician.

As you walk through secret spaces of a magician, you enter a secret world. The museum not only holds unrevealed plans of illusions, magic tricks and magic shows, films, drawings, patents, letters, literature on magic, inventions by magicians, programs, posters, costumes, but you are allowed access into the magicians back stage and led by a magician into his world of magic.

The experience tapestries man and woman’s remarkable powers of imagination and high levels of mindset through the centuries. You shall discover how magic and magicians have influenced the movie industry, Hollywood, famous actors, wars, science, medicine, cultures and prepare for magic shows. You may even be asked to jump into a trap door or an illusion.

The Australian Museum of the Magical Arts offers a fascinating opportunity to expose oneself to new experiences and explore new things in a rich, creative, educational and inspirational environment. Through the interactive exhibits and hands-on museum, adults and children have the joy of exploring new and untold curiosities.

Monday to Sunday
Monday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Tuesday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Wednesday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Thursday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Friday – 11.30am & 1.30PM
Friday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Saturday – 1.30am
Sunday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Duration: 60 minutes

Ticket Prices:
Adults $38
Concession$25 (must present ID)
Children (under 12; accompanied by an adult) $25
please note booking fee applies with ticket

Exclusive Guided Tours can be booked outside Access times $880 for up to 22 people.
For Exclusive bookings contact info@themagicianscabaret.com or call 92674747

Nights: Dusk Tour

Experience the museum of magic in a whole new light – in the depths of darkness!

Dusk tours of the museum of magic, which is set within secret walls of a magicians theatre gives visitors access to the building while it is at its most atmospheric.

Led by the magician, those being shown around can feel and think like a magician as they are exposed to secrets of magic – secrets that have been handed down verbally from magician to magician through the centuries. You may even be asked to jump into a trap door, a secret device or an illusion; after all you are now in his “chamber”.
The Dusk Tour first opens with a quick light and informal bite along with a drink of the magician’s favourite wine as you enjoy a fleeting 18th century magic show. Then this rare chance to see hidden magic treasures and hear untold mysteries by candlelight inside Australia’s only museum of magic in a very different way with a themed guided tour under a gloaming sky commences.

Upon your journey completion you are welcome to join the magician at his Top Hat Bar. Here you can ask him questions and you may even learn a trick. Otherwise you can just relax and order a drink.
The most fun you have ever had at a Museum!

When: Every Mon/Tue/Wed
Time 7.00pm
Duration 90minutes
$52pp plus booking fee

Magic Lessons:

$150 per hour (includes access to magicians stage and back stage)