plan your visit

Make sure your visit to the Museum of Magic the best it can be! Here are some additional information and tips of planning to consider whilst planning and during your visit.

The museum has a fascinating collection of magic,  illusions, historical objects, documents and of course secrets. Parts of the Museum encroach upon space that is currently used by magicians. It is set in a quiet and intimate setting of small chambers, narrow tunnels and passageways and so admission is permitted for up to 60 minutes to allow for safety, comfort and a very personal and intimate experience for all visitors. 

If attending with children they will be fascinated, feel like they are in a Harry Potter movie and get very excited so please do your best to keep the noise level down before you visit to have a talk to them about how magicians like their secret space to be quiet and mysterious.

With so many secrets on show and access to the magicians sacred space, photography and recording is strictly prohibited, however photos (not filming) are permitted in the box office area for memories.


The Museum of Magic is located inside the secret walls and passage ways of The Magicians Cabaret Theatre Restaurant at 91 Riley Street Darlinghurst. (Eastern suburbs of Sydney and just a 7 minute from Sydney CBD.


Upon entry there are three steps, passage ways are tight and small.

Areas to sit and rest, reflect and have a coffee or drink

In the Top Hat Bar 

On site there are magicians doves and rabbits. They are happy and well looked after and part of master magicians and Museum creator James Karp private life. They all have names and communicate with Mr Karp on a different vibration. Upon staffs discretion  they may be handed out for a photograph.

Admission (Day Guided tour by a magician)

Adults $41

Concession$31 (must present pension or healthcare ID card)

Children (under 12; accompanied by an adult) $31



Tuesday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Wednesday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Thursday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Friday – 11.30am & 1.30pm
Saturday – 1.30pm
Sunday – 1.30pm

Duration – One hour
Guided Tours can be booked outside Access times $880 1 to 22 tix
For exclusive Guided Tours contact 92674747 or email

Museum of Magic by Dusk (night tour)
Experience the museum of magic in a whole new light – in the depths of darkness!

Dusk tours of the museum of magic, which is set within secret walls of a magicians theatre gives visitors access to the building while it is at its most atmospheric.

Led by the magician, those being shown around can feel and think like a magician as they are exposed to secrets of magic – secrets that have been handed down verbally from magician to magician through the centuries. You may even be asked to jump into a trap door, a secret device or an illusion; after all you are now in his “chamber”.

The Dusk Tour first opens with a quick light and informal bite along with a drink of the magician’s favourite wine as you enjoy a fleeting 18th century magic show. Then this rare chance to see hidden magic treasures and hear untold mysteries by candlelight inside Australia’s only museum of magic in a very different way with a themed guided tour under a gloaming sky commences.

Upon your journey completion you are welcome to join the magician at his Top Hat Bar. Here you can ask him questions and you may even learn a trick. Otherwise you can just relax and order a drink.
The most fun you have ever had at a Museum!
Bookings essential

Dusk tours $55pp
When: Every Tue/Wed
Time 7.00pm
Duration 90minutes

Ticket Policy / Conditions of Entry and Code of Respect

The Creator of The Museum Mr Karp advocates equality, alignment to source, peace, love and harmony of all. Good manners (children included) and dress code of smart apply. In addition, in his private and secretive museum visitors are asked to be as quiet as possible and respect the secrecy surrounding the art of magic and follow the ticket policy. Upon entry all are to read and adhere to the magicians secret and sacred oath which is displayed in the box office area.

Coat and recording devices Check

All recording or photography devices must be checked in at Box Office. Once you exit the Museum items are given back and you are welcome to sit in the cabaret / theatre room use your phone etc. Coats, umbrellas and bags may be checked for $3 per person, space permitting.

Luggage, small carry-ons and oversize backpacks, including those on wheels, are not allowed into the Museum and cannot be checked in at the Museum’s coat-check facilities. Other items not accepted in the coat check include perishables, wallets, purses, musical instruments, bikes, computers and other items deemed to be of high value. All articles must be claimed once exiting the museum. The museum is not responsible for articles left overnight. The museum reserves the right to inspect any parcel or back brought into the premises. The Museum’s no liability for items left in the coat checkroom.


Except where noted, photography for personal use is allowed but no electronic flash. Selfie-sticks, tripods and lights are not permitted at the Museum. Recordings are not permitted at all, in any area of the museum or The Magicians Cabaret Theatre.  Reproduction or sale of photographs is not allowed without Museum permission.

Inside venue

Box Office 

Guided tours

Guided tours by a magician offer amazing opportunities for anyone to make the most of their encounters at the museum. Magicians engage visitors in lively, inquiry-based conversations .Guided tours last 60 minutes.


We value and immensely respect senior citizens. We shall go beyond the call of duty to you’re your visit as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. In addition after your visit at the Museum complimentary coffee and tea is available


We encourages families to explore the magic together in a quiet manner.

Kids to act as little ladies and gentlemen.

School holidays

magic shows play See ticketek

Magic shows are available