about us

Firstly, be still, be quiet and leave your analytical mind at home. Magic is real. Believe again, just like whe ye were little kids. Then recite the magician secret oath and you enter a magical world.

The Museum of Magic is a journey back through the ages, you will feel like you searching, or travelling for the purpose of discovery.

Hidden within the walls of The Magicians Cabaret Theatre, you shall really like the secret passage ways, intimate rooms  and the museums collection which includes a lot of secrets . The idea of secret rooms immerses you into an absolutely special atmosphere. Apart from anything else it makes a very strong impression itself.

Through personal objects, photos, film personal mementos, secret plans, books, artifacts you can learn about the mind of a magician. This museum may be small, but it is packed with information and inspiration. Not just about revealing secrets…but by discovering the role magic has played in movies, in war, even in history, you will also experience  the power of imagination. 

This museum preserves a slice of history as it tells its magicians secrets and habits. Through the use of photos, stories, historical artifacts and personal mementos your imagination is awoken. Amongst the exhibits is a prison cell similar to the one that Houdini escaped from.  “My brain is the key that sets me free” wrote Houdini, so come and escape your inhibiting bonds of logic!